[Game][2.2+] New Multiplayer Chess Game

Hello all! I finally released my first Android app. It was a lot of work but I also learned a ton. If you are interested in chess, please give it a look and let me know what you think!

Google Market Link

Playing right now. Looks good. At the moment it looks like a good implementation of the chess rules. Does it support stalemate?

Thanks! And yes, the game forces a draw in the case of stalemate and also for insufficient material (One side is down to just a king and the other has only a king and a knight, or a king and only one color of bishop).

If you have other questions or feature requests, please let us know!

Nice. I can use this game to get better at chess. Maybe when you have more players you can match them based on some sort of level.

Thanks that is a great idea and is something we are thinking about adding.