[GAME][2.2+] Frenzy Fugu Fish free action/casual game


few weeks ago I released my first Android game. Now working hard on marketing the app, definitely we need forum like this to share knowledge. Now back to the app.

Frenzy Fugu Fish is casual fish game for Android phones. First release has 45 levels in 3 sets, each set with unique graphics design of the environment and introducing new game elements. Game will receive new set of 15 levels each month. More description is below the screenshots :slight_smile:


Using the accelerator you control Fugu, the Puffer Fish and have to collect all pearls in the level within a given time limit. If you finish the level below the time limit, you get one star for each 20 seconds (up to 3 stars). Just finishing the level is not complicated, challenge is to finish it and get 3 stars.

Over the time you will meet various enemies and obstacles. There are various fish, stone fish, jellyfish, anemones, starfish, bubbles etc. Some are just obstacles some will try to eat you. In some levels you can collect pufferpoison powerup to inflate as all puffer fish do and are invincible for short period of time and even can eat smaller fish. First few levels are very easy ones to get used to control the fish and principles of the game.

Girls and kids love the game :slight_smile:

The game is free with placed ads. The ads are not shown during the gameplay.

I hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile:


What ad network are you using to place the ads if you dont mind me asking?

Congrats on your success! I might have to download it XD

AdMob. For few weeks they were able to provide almost 99% fillrate, but last week it is around 30-40%, but next day they somehow correct the results to 99%, seems to be suspicious. But not yet important, first I need to get momentum of installs, today it will be around 5000.

Thanks, I hope you will like it. So far almost everybody loved the game, but there were few people who hated it :smiley: Fortunately 90% love it :slight_smile:

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