[game][2.1+][free] refill it!: New simple puzzle

ReFill it! is a simple puzzle game where you have to refill all the board with numbers from 1 to 25 (in easy and normal mode) or 1 to 100 (in hard and very hard mode). Also, if you don’t like numbers, you can try to fill all the board with a blue colour. It includes Google Games leaderboards and achievements to challenge with your friends.

It’s a solitaire game I used to play with paper and pen when I was bored, such at school ^^" But I had to redraw the board every time…Now, when there are no more moves, I just have to click “new game” to play again.

It’s very simple. With two simple rules, you have to fill all the board cells. Just place the numbers skipping two cells horizontally and vertically or a single one diagonally, in any direction. To place a number just click on the desired cell. The game ends when there are no more available moves.

If you’re a sudoku lover or a puzzle game, you’ll be happy with this new challenge.

ReFillIt! is available on Google Play:

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