[GAME] 150 Points To Love

This is it guys, if you’re looking for a retro style action game, filled with old 90’s memories, fast paced and challenging, you’re gonna love this. the controls are very intuitive, simplified to just a tap of the screen, all that counts is your speed, your reflexes. This game has four different difficulty levels ( Easy, Medium, Hard, Hyper! ) but you must conquer them all if you wanna finish it. What do I have to do in this game? it’s really simple, just reach 150 points in all of the four modes! ( if you can, that’s it ) and free your lover ( a cute yellow rabbit ). Background songs are a mix of really good chiptune 90’s magic, players are taken on a nostalgia trip. Between levels , there’s always a mini-boss battle gameplay, where you must blast your enemy with a light-saber sword to proceed, moving on an hoverboard controlled by your device’s accelerometer. Speed is the key! to enjoy this game you’ll have to push your reflexes really hard, just ignore distractions,flying japanese onigiries,Christmas’s Santa or NES cartdriges and reach for the goal!

try2.jpg try1.jpg try3.jpg try4.jpg

Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumpersize.pointstolove

Youtube : 150 Points To Love - Android Launch Trailer - YouTube