[Game][$0.99] Words Cubed, 3D crossword puzzle turn-based game

Words Cubed is a turn-based game. The players spell and connect words, making a crossword puzzle. But there is a twist, the puzzle is in a 3-dimensional space, creating a 3D puzzle. Players always have seven letters in their inventory to spell these words. It can have 1-10 human or computer players. Or, if you set all players to be computer, you can sit back and watch it build the 3D puzzle on its own.

Making words awards points, longer words are worth more. There are also multiplier spheres, spelling a word though it will multiple the words points. The color of the sphere determines how much the points are multiplied by. The first player to achieve the customizable score goal wins. Also, if you don’t have time to finish a game, you can save and continue it later.

It’s only $0.99!


Gameplay Trailer:



Links to app/game:
Words Cubed 1.0.1 for Android.

There is also a free time limited lite Version of Words Cubed, for you to try.

Links to lite app/game:
Words Cubed Lite 1.0.1 for Android.

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