Gain positive reviews from these 5 methods

As we all know that app reviews have a great influence on app installs. There is a research show that 70% users will have a look at app reviews when they plan to download the app. If they find there are many negative reviews, they will not install the app. So it is very important for app developers to gain more positive reviews. So today I want to share some methods about how to gain more positive reviews.

The importance of positive app reviews
Positive app reviews are very important. It not only can attract more users to download the app, but also can boost app ranking as well as increases keywords coverage. Nearly 70% app users will look through app reviews written by those people who had used that app when they want to download an unfamiliar app. An app with numerous positive reviews is more attractive, which will get more new users easier.

Get App Reviews from Friends and Families
They are the most loyal supporters of us. So you can ask your friends and families to write positive app reviews for you at first, this can help attract more users. Th positive reviews can contain your app’s functions and advantages, also put keywords in the reviews to increase the keywords weight.

Encourage Your Users
Reviews written by other users are most attractive. From that new users can know whether this app meets their demands and learn its advantages and disadvantages. So developers should focus on how to encourage users write reviews for your app. Give users rewards and make some functions free for them is the best way. Also you can send some gifts and appreciative words to them. It will make users be willing to offer good reviews.

Review Exchange
Exchange reviews is also an useful way to gain more positive app reviews. There are many websites can provide this kind of services, some of them are free, some are paid. But even paid one it will not cost developers too much money. But this way need developers spend much time and energy looking for cooperators. Then offer high-quality reviews for them. You should add keywords, functions and advantages in reviews. In return, your partner will offer same quality reviews to you. If you do not want to spend too much money, this is real a good way. But if you want to save your time and energy, you can choose to use other ways.

Buy Positive App Reviews
This is the most effective way, and also the most time and energy saving way. Buy positive app reviews from reliable company can help your app gain a lot of app reviews in a short time. And you also can choose to get reviews at different times. You can control it by yourself. There are many companies claim they can provide this service, but you should find one which provide positive reviews from real users. Remember all paid reviews should include your app keywords and functions, and also contain the advantages. I recommend you buy app reviews from [b]Reviewapp4u[/b], which can meet the above points.

Social Media
Register some social media account, writing some articles about your app, list its advantages, and also share some funny things to attract users, leave messages under the target users’ blog. When they feel interesting, they will leave positive reviews for your app.

Current market conditions dictate to applications’ owners not to impose a request to placea review on the application page. To evoke the desire to make review - the application should capture users by its functionality and uniqueness.
Of course, on the initial path it’s hard to entice users to try your application and leave their impressions in the review field, especially users do not want to be first in placing the reviews. Therefore, mostly developers after the publication of their applications use the service of paid reviews and ratings in order to convince and inspire potential users to download and try their application.
In view of the fact that developers are very busy at the time of release of their application - they are actually limited in time, they do not spend it on exchange services, since the selection process of reliable partner takes a very long time and does not actually face the desired result.
Thus, if you see that the application page needs some kind of revival and the presence of positive reviews - contact the Keenmobi service of providing positive reviews and rating.