Full of hate - users of MMWA

@ramzixp’s mom

What have I done bad, that you hate me so much? Following me like dogs are hunting animal, fanatics without brain.
Now they found my apps in play store, they are sending notifications to reddit baddapps, reporting just to destroy me.

Thanks I have no big revenue with these apps, ill take them down then, reskin, republish and you will never find them.

I don’t know how full of hate someone have to be to create multiaccounts, insulting, following, hunting, analysing each day, every hour and minute of his life…

I hope you people will get what you deserve.

*thx for couple of kind words via PM @Pixelpower @tyrion

btw. the guy who were opening multi accounts on reddit to take down my apps is banned, his location was…Poland, i have IP
idk who because mobile internet