Fuk it All

Fuk Airpush
Fuk Google
Fuk leadbolt
Fuk Mobilecore
Fuk them all

All Adnetworks are Fuking Scammers

Youw ant real cash signup for direct offers and mediate those offers with house ads through a mediation site, target each offer to the specific countries, then backfill with favorite adnetwork.

Some example offers you can get are

$4.00 USA for a fuking Survey that takes no less than 2 minutes for the user to complete. Adscendmedia has nice offers, Mobpartner has some nice ones and sometimes Clicksmob will have nice offers too.

Signup through https://beta.adlibmediation.com/users/sign_in to setup these direct deal ads and make fuking bank, and say fuk you to your account manager at traditional adnetworks. Traditional adnetworks get these same deals, apply them to thier SDK and MAKE YOU DO ALL THE FUKING WORK pay you like 20% of the offers and they take like 80% and give you the DEVELOPER shitty .20-.85 cent eCPM rates.

So say Fuk you to traditional adnetworks and go make some real bank. Setup your mediation ads properly and you can rank in like $35 eCPM rates.

Stop being slaves to these adnetworks and make the money yourself. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN ADNETWORK through https://beta.adlibmediation.com/users/sign_in

You are pathetic. Don’t forget that direct deals needs powerfull, very powerfull infrastructure to manage users, localization, age, device type and many more. You can use mobpartner, sponsormob, yeahmobi, mundomedia, etc. but mostly, they haven’t any SDK, just offers and tracking link. Manage it…
Last 4 years, I had good and rich life with Airpush, Startapp and Mobilecore, also Leadbolt before they fallen. So FUK YOU.
$35 rates? lol, I have it with mobilecore but with very low impressions. It’s impossible to get. Why to use some adlib? It’s some next mobario for me. If you want to make better cash, build your own system, lol. But don’t forget that in these traditional ad networks, hundreds of people are working 24h/7 to make them good for advertisers and developers.
Ad network isn’t free, this is true but we pay for ready to use system to earn money ASAP. In the past I tried to manage direct offers and it’s hell with many users from many different countries. Ads needs targeting, localization and 24h/7 observing if it’s still online or advertiser just disabled it.

Don’t forget also about payment system. Direct offers are CPA (cost peer action), traditional ad networks are CPM model. You can have milion impression and zero action, with CPM model you have always cash, even no action.
You are talking about “fuking Survey”… but what If all your users decline survey? Yeahmobi have cost peer install model also, you need to prepare translated ads for each country and maybe somebody will install it. It’s like appnext but you have to have infrastructure.

Wow, you seem pretty pissed with Airpush to come up with that username. While their pay rates have taken a mighty fall, I don’t think I’ve read about them cheating the devs out of money. So, I don’t know what’s up with all the F-bombs but they certainly don’t make you look cool. You do come across as stupid though to think we’ll dump Google, MobileCore to jump on to your beta program whose landing page I guess you wrote straight after taking HTML 101! #GTFO

While i don’t agree with the extremes that this guy has gone to, i beg to differ with you. Airpush scammed devs out of their money, i being one of them. They introduce new policies, and effect them immediately, and since they have a net-45 payment schedule, money you earned 45 days ago definitely will not meet one of the new policies, meaning you won’t get paid. They scammed me almost $1000, but unlike FukAirpush, i don’t spam the forum. I move my inventory somewhere else.

Sorry to hear about that. I refrain from calling things a scam unless one makes the cut and is still left unpaid. At $1000, I believe you must have made the cut-off and so whatever Airpush did (not sure what the policy changes were) does sound unethical. I can understand that you figured you’ll cut your losses and move on but I really believe you should’ve shared your story if you were wronged. For one, I wouldn’t have made that comment :slight_smile:

But in all seriousness, your words help a lot more people than you realize. You probably thought, what the heck, the forum already knows Airpush is going down but when you post a new thread a lot of people chance upon it and sometimes on the first search result page itself. That’s how you make sure such companies get buried in the ground.

Fuk you you scumbag, I make good revenue with mobilecore and Admob so go fuk yourself, your method sounds like it is way too much work, much much easier to use an adnetwork, by the time you setup and optimse your direct offer deals I could already have 1000+ apps made and published already generating 100’s of dollars.

I can see why you are upset but - not all networks are scammers - most are NOT. And they need to get a cut from the revenue, the owners and the workers don’t do it for free.

You seem to be pissed by these networks but they are not scammers.
I have earned over 20,000$ using airpush, so think twice before coming up with such specious statements!

Awesome guide! Thanks for sharing with us!

He’s got a point and his point is most ad networks take the biggest cut, I know because I worked for 4 ad networks. They are all on a revshare with you the publisher but they wont tell you that. He also mentioned Adlib, Adlib is currently in beta and yes you have the ability to test out all ad networks while running direct offers from affiliate networks. What the goal for them is to give the power back to you the publisher. So instead of just focusing on optimizing ad networks, you go ahead and add several offers first then “back fill” with the other ad network.

When you say “F U” that you’ll have to develop your "own " system that is exactly what Adlib will be 10000%… I know the guys there and they are getting irt right. Think of AdWhirl on steriods

More to come…and thanks for the shout out but please change the vulgar language please all networks are just business trying to make earn money.

i was asked to repost here Adlib is taking on beta testers

Adlib Mediation is officially launched. It is 100% private funded and is the purist from of a tool. Think of the AdWhirl days that is what it is. Plug in to the dash board ad networks that you want it to optimize, or if you want to run your own affiliate offers from an affiliate ad network that offers one off deals you can also do that. House ads Yes run your house ads.

Go ahead and start here: AdLib Mediation - The Last Advertising SDK You’ll Need

Thanks- Friend of founder