frustated with Interstitial ad network

I am looking for some good interstitial ad network which can provide some decent ecpm and I registered on following networks:

  1. StartApp
  2. Airpush
  3. AppBrain
  4. SendDroid
  5. mmedia

But all of them make me wait for 24-48 hours for the app to serve real ads. How do you guys manage such a waiting time which one of these do you prefer?

I got instant real ads from StartApp & Airpush (at least for 2nd+ apps)

Hey there,

We only have an App Approval time which is up to 24 hours and most of the developers here will tell you that they get their apps approved much sooner than that.

But as far as serving goes for Interstitial ads, we do not have any waiting period.

SendDroid is not that established player. Even there pages are not full built. What impression do you guys leave when your website pages have Coming Soon for SDK install

Developers | senddroid

Thank you for your feedback javaexp.

We understand the value of aesthetics and how its useful to make your pages look beautiful.

However, we have always focused our main attention to our performance and being good at what we actually do as opposed to just make ourselves look good.

Any Developer who has used us or is using us will tell you that we have more transparency than most Ad Networks. We do not act like corporate puppets despite our substantial growth in the past year. We are always humble enough to maintain that much if not most of this success has come through developers like yourself.

So if our web layout will decide how big of a player we are in the Mobile Space, then that will remain up to the eye of the beholder always.

As far as delivering ads is concerned, we’ve got our bases well covered.

Thank you.

48 hours is way too long…
I have been using Appflood, Their interstitials are sending me not bad revenue, and they will respond in 24 hours:)


Can AppFlood interstitials be prefetched - so when display it is immediate ?

Can you compare AppFlood to Leadbolt HTML AppWall interstitials (which I’m using now) or others ?

Does AppFlood’s “no-commission” policy lead to better revenues - or is the low fill-rate or such stuff bigger issues which reduces value somewhat ?


Hi friend,
Why not give mobileCore a try? We don’t postpone ads, and in less than 24 hours we’ll be launching a new and advanced dashboard that gives in-depth analytics regarding the ads’ performance.


We have interstitials, icon-ads, and a Slider SDK (our current ‘flagship’)

For further questions/integration help, contact our account manager Lior at:
E: [email protected]
M: +972545580401
Skype: liorshkoori