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[FREE] Ten Second Space Missions

A cool new game Ten Second Space Missions
★★★ Introducing Ten Second Space Missions ★★★

Ten Second Space Missions compacts classic shoot 'em up action into bite-size 10 second missions. No messing about, just straight into the action. Bright, colourful graphics combine with a modern take on some classic gameplay elements to give you a great little time killer that is a joy to play and offers a real challenge to anyone.

  • classic arcade gameplay
  • 60 missions with more on the way
  • loads of enemies, asteroids & bosses to fight
  • multiple skill levels (from easy to “extreme”)
  • leaderboards
  • obligatory 3 star level ratings!
  • achievements
  • amazing music by XtremeNoiseLover
    A perfect time killer! Install Ten Second Space Missions and you’ll always have an intense hit of high octane arcade shoot 'em up action ready to go! Perfect for fans of twitch gaming, shoot 'em ups and arcade gaming in general.
    Fed up of those tedious seconds between enemies approaching? Fed up with levels that are longer than, say, 10 seconds? Fed up of enemies that slowly shamble onto the screen, fire a few half hearted bullets then meekly give up to your laser fire? Fed up with having to press a fire button when it’s OBVIOUS that you want to fire all of the time? This is the game for you! No messing around, it’s straight into the action. There’s no messing around, this game has 10 seconds to annihilate you and will definitely be going all out to do just that!


Link to google play:

Requires Android: 2.3 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.