[FREE] Singer Guess - New Game by Panacea Games

Panacea Games presents our latest creation: Singer Guess

Are you a music lover who knows all the singers and bands in the history of music?
If you are, prove it with Singer Guess if you’re not, check the 120 most important singers and music bands!
If you like challenges, Singer Guess is your game!

▸ Two Games in 1: "Hidden Name" and "The photo is of ...".
▸ Three difficulty levels: Easy, Hard and Impossible.
▸ Six Google Play Leaderboards: show your friends or the whole world you are the best.
▸ Multilanguage: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
▸ Statistics and complete valuation of your knowledge.
▸ Music and original graphics.
▸ Totally free. 

Take the challenge and enjoy!

[b][i]Download Free Here[/i][/b]


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Panacea Games

Great game…

+1 and review. - Danial

Please do same for mine, thanks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsi.snakes

Hello dsi76,

I played your game and I like it!

Only a constructive criticism: Why you don’t implement more languages?

Good luck with your app.

Panacea Games

Hello dsi76,

Are you there?

Panacea Games

QUOTE=dsi76;55001]Great game…

+1 and review. - Danial

Please do same for mine, thanks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsi.snakes[/QUOTE]

Hello everyone,

Something who want to serious review interchange, this is our thread:



Panacea Games

Hello dsi76,

I played your game and I like it!

Please, a question:

Where are you get sounds?


Panacea Games

Sorry, I didn’t notice you reply! You should try to send private message instead. You can get the sound effects from the CFXR application for Mac, or this site which does the same thing: http://www.superflashbros.net/as3sfxr/

Regarding languages, it is expensive to hire translators to do localizations of the app.

I had done reviewing your game under name “Nhân Đào” please review back my game

Downloaded, Played, G+1 , 5 stared and reviewed by Viaceslav Vasiljev

Download my app, G+1 it and give it a review please.


Hello Juvas Cheev,

I review your app and is fun!

G+1 and review like Panacea Games: “fun”.

Good Luck!

Panacea Games

Hello Truc Nhan,

I review your app and I like it!

G+1 and review like Panacea Games: “your children will enjoy!”.

Good Luck!

Panacea Games

Hello friends,

There is something more how want a app serious review?

Panacea Games

Hello friends!

Singer Guess has reached 8.000 Downloads in google Play!



Panacea Games

Rated 5*, g+, Comment on ur app with name " Bilal khan " Please rate , g+, comment my app as well : ThankYou!!

I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “anvu nguyen”. Would you please help me review above game?
Thank you very much,

Hello friend,

Done like Panacea Games.
Good luck!

Hi panaceagames

Done. I installed, rated 5, and G+

“Nice quiz It is quite a nice quiz to play with my friends!.” FootballFanatic F

Could you pls do for me? (If you can speak French/German, pls write French or German, otherwise English)

----> Football Game


done: I have installed, rated 5*, G+ and reviewed your app using that name “Arast ComAr”.
Please do same with my game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=arast.batchuduoihinh

Hello awais007,
Done like Panacea Games.

Thanks and Good luck!

Panacea Games

Hello flyingcow2014,

Done like Panaceagames

Good luck friend!