[FREE] Shurican! Ninja, fighting, demons, death!

Good day, fellows,

I recently published my second game for Android, which is called Shurican. It utilizes the movement mechanics popularized by Flappy Bird, but takes the gameplay in another level with variety of obstacles, enemies and fighting abilities.


8 new levels and a boss fight!

Overall, it’s a pretty decent time waster, so check it out and review if you liked it or tell me, what should I fix:


Hi friend,
I rate 5*, G+, comment and install
My name: kim wuchoong

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Thank you.

Thanks, I did all of it (User: snottyapps). Good luck with your game! It’s really fun.


I rate 5* and G+
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Thank you very much,

Done that! Looks like great puzzle games :slight_smile:

Done (a while ago, just didn’t post here then). As Snottyapps.

Finally published an update. Mostly improved UI and listened to what users were suggesting. Put a lot of attention and detail in to social sharing UI with hopes that it might spread a bit better.

Check it out:

  • progress is now visible while playing challenge level
  • previous deaths now marked by blood spots in challenge level
  • new social sharing UI (Share demon!)
  • removed in-game ads, added rare interstitials

Just rated your game with 5 stars, and g+ with user name Andrew Harris.

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Done from SnottyApps account :wink: Good luck with your game!

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Done & done, guys. Under the name “Snottyapps”.

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Hey Aurimas,

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Done! And also updated first post with some sweet gifs from recent content update. Shurican got a boss level!

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