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i need some reviews for my app :slight_smile: Review exchange 5* and G+ [real device only] and i will do the same!

Please use keywords like calorie counter, diet or weight lose

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Thank you. Need some more reviews :slight_smile:

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Bump :slight_smile: Give me reviews i will do the same

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Rated, reviewed and g+ given as Artzei R!

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What really it does, could you give me some details regarding it.

Done, sorry for the delay

It is a calorie counter app. But you can’t enter each meal but rather your ingested calories of the whole day. There are 1000+ calorie counter apps in the app store that are very complicated so a made a app with the basic features.

Nice work, Its good to have it for good health, I have gained too much fat, would definitely get this app.

Need more reviews :slight_smile:

Need some reviews guys :slight_smile:

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