[FREE][REVIEW EXCHANGE] Soap vs Wet Bathtub Toys, kids game

Soap vs Wet Bathtub Toys is a variation of another app I have developed, made easier and specifically directed to children.
The game is absolutely easy: just merge the bubbles together according to their colour. Dodge bathtub toys, and collect bath objects.
Some times a sea urchin comes to help the player, I think it’s a rather funny character :slight_smile:
The game is currenty ads-free and I’m pushing it with advertisement, I need some push! :slight_smile:
I’m here to get review exchange, obviously I will get the exchange back (I can do it with another account if I already did it for your game).
Please only assure that there is also a G+1 and the game is installed and kept for at least 4 days, I will do the same.
Thank you very much!
Download it here!