[FREE][REVIEW EXCHANGE] Perfectionist Bud

Perfectionist Bud is a casual game that need your reflex and concentration to play.
You musn’t let any enemy pass you, or miss a shoot.


Please download, and rate 4/5 stars(i’ll still rate 5 if you give 4, if you want), and a honest review(whatever the star is) is always welcome.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Post here, and I’ll do the same for yours with name “gregorius ongo”. i’ll keep your app for a few days or a week depends on the situation later.

Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
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J Neto “Nice retro graphics, i love pixel art :)”
5 starts

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Done, G+ and 5* review "name : “Shehroz Khan”
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Done…G+ and rated 5*, reviewed as Marnie B.
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Rated 5* and reviewed as Steven Gonzalez, Could you please review my game:

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I think its actually really good. It manages to have a simple concept yet have quite complex gameplay. In particular the stopping the row when shot (so its not just spam one line until annother gets too close) is very clever.

One concern I did have was that the perfectionist part wasn’t entirely clear “in game”. I initially thought the game was buggy when I lost for seemingly no reason. I would suggest a toast (or similar low key message) stating the reason you have lost

I gave it an honest 5* so (if you like) give me a honest review too (if I hadn’t liked it my plan was simply to do nothing) so give me an honest review too. Although if you have major concerns I’d rather they were posted to my forum thread rather than as a low review.

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Thanks, I need to update the game to add detail why they lose, some people already mention it.
rated your game, i’ll leave something on ur thread

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I reviewed 5* and g+ with name “Sarah Encontrado”.

Great game! Good luck!

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Done, G+, comment and 5 * Rating by Shubhanker Rastogi

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