[FREE][REVIEW EXCHANGE] Golden Tamago Puzzle Game HD

Open the mysterious golden egg and see what’s inside! You will not be disappointed! Tap to open the golden egg and get the exciting rewards from inside! Tap that Tamago egg until it cracks open piece by piece. No-one knows how many presents that are waiting for you inside the tamago egg! This game is perfect to tap your time away during any occassion. Waiting for someone or something is not boring anymore when you have this fun, free tapping game to play on the go!

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Hours of tapping fun

Unique Combos to unlock, each help to crack the egg more quickly

Special Tools to use, includes hammer, bomb, and sun

Daily rewards system

Rewards include useful easter eggs for other games

Try out Golden Tamago now and your efforts will be rewarded very generously, if you manage to get the golden egg open!

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