[FREE] [REVIEW EXCHANGE] Fat Fairy - Down the Well, available now!

Done under Hammad Baig,

That’s weird, still showing the +1, can’t see my review any more. I tried submitting a new one and it said review updated?!. Check again reviewed as Dave Price Saying Brilliant Candy Game, will have you hooked for hours.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Done as Luna Wang.

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Thanks man, Returned the favour form Dave Price great game of balance, looks and sounds great too


Thanks Luna, returned the favour from Dave Price, Very nice slot machine game


Hi, did G+1, 5* and review form David N. “Love it! Great game, very original and well designed!!!”

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Hey this is a greatly addictive game! I like the title too, it’s very funny!
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Thanks for your review, returned the favour +1 etc, from Dave Price :slight_smile: Great one to pull out at the pub.


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Hi Sulea, I’d love to but sadly it says your game is incompatible with all my devices (including my emulators which is a first for me). Sorry. If you can release a version that supports a wider range of devices I’d love to give it a go and rate and review. It looks really nice!

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