[FREE] Red Mountain Live Wallpaper

[SIZE=5]Red Mountain Live Wallpaper


Enjoy a fantastic, magical beauty of the red rocks. The contrast of natural colors allows you to experience the influx of spring freshness. A mirror-clear lakes, which reflect the translucent clouds, create the effect of total immersion.
In this live wallpaper you will see a riot of colors that nature gives us every day. And even while away from nature, you can always watch this beauty on the screen of your device.



  • Automatic background change over time;
  • Animated sky and clouds;
  • Dynamic display of the sky in the lakes;
  • Moving 3D background;
  • Great balloons;
  • Glowing stars and Perseids;
  • User-friendly menu;
  • Saves battery;
  • Full HD texture;
  • 3D parallax;[/i]


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