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About app: For hindu ancient

Aarti Sangrah - Hindu Prayers @ One Destination.
Version: 1.0
APK File: com.astikastha.apk
Size: 5.2M
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Astik Aastha Description from Publisher:
Shree Ganeshay Namah!
Welcome to Astik Aastha, one destination for your daily chants! Astik Aastha comes with categorized Aarti, Mantra, Chalisa, and Chants in Hindi language!
Aarti by day! : Let the day began with a prayer! each day devotes a god.
Aarti by God : View list of 18 gods with Aartis, Chalisas, Mantras & shlokas.
Aarti by Festival : Find 9 festivals and collection of all the Aartis in sequence.
Chalisa : Find 28 Chalisa of various gods under one sections
Mantra: This comes with unique feature - a chanting pedometer. Record chant in your own voice or select a chant from the given list and adjust numbers you want to repeat! (This feature is coming soon!)

App Features:
• Unique and easy to use interface with readable text and matching graphics.
• Aarti Collection is categorized in different categories.
• Collection of 40 + Aartis covering 30 gods
• No need to search it on the web. No internet connection required.
• User can share this application with family and friends using Whatsapp.
This application is in continuous development and we will add more features, Aartis to collection list in future.
We are a small group of individual developers, and need your Motivation and support! Please feel free to write us for any query, feedback, criticism and suggestions at [email protected].
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