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A cool newapp Quickey Advanced Calculator
★★★ Introducing Quickey Advanced Calculator ★★★

Free advanced calculator full of functions and with multiple calculators built inside:
Scientific calculator and discount percentage calculator built into one single calculator app.
You will find the calculator easy and simple to use and you can use the calculator to calculate the discount percentage and tips, for high school and middle school math homework, …
Discount Percentage Calculator
Calculate the shopping list discounts easily with the discount percentage calculator, specify the original sales price along with the discount percentage offered by the store and optionally the purchase tax percentage and the discount calculator will show you the final sale price of the shopping list after the discount.
Scientific Calculator, Advanced Calculator & Basic Calculator

  • Calculator with tape. The tape has unlimited lines and you can copy from the tape or make corrections to the math formula in the tape of the calculator.
  • Percent key (%) to calculate percent increase, percent change, percent difference,…
  • Unlimited memory slots to store variables that you need to use at a later time. You can use the memory to store algebra variables, physics formulas and scientific constants for use in a later time.
  • Basic simple functions are present in the calculator for simple general calculations such as plus, minus, brackets, answer key, negative and positive key, division, multiplication and exponent.
  • Full scientific functions are present for advanced calculations such as pi, root (both square root and cube root), exponent, base 10 logarithm (log), natural logarithm (ln), inverse of natural logarithm, power, cube, square, absolute value.
  • Trigonometry functions (cos sin tan), inverse trigonometry functions (inverse of cos sin tan) and hyperbolic trigonometry functions (hyper of cos sin tan). The angle unit of the trigonometry function can be set to a degree mode angle unit or a radian mode angle unit.
  • Fraction display of the calculation result. Two basic modes of display are present for fractions: proper fraction plus improper fraction.
  • Factorial function. Calculate the factorial of a number and divide factorials or multiply factorials.
  • Exponential function. The calculator can handle negative exponential, large exponential and decimal exponential.
  • The calculator shows the work in the top area of the calculator.
  • Adjust how precise the display of the result of calculations will become. You can the make the decimal result more precise or less precise by changing the number of digits of the decimal from the settings.
  • Scientific or engineering display of the math result of big numbers.
  • Addition of imaginary numbers, subtraction of imaginary numbers and division or multiplication of imaginary numbers.
  • Uses RPN for the math formula or equation (similar to an RPN calculator).
  • Easy to edit equations or math formulas. You can copy or edit part of the math equation or formula in an easy way.
  • Backspace key or delete key.
  • Landscape mode for tablet.
  • Free calculator app for download.
    Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.whiteglow.quickeycalculator
    Requires Android: 2.3 and up
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