Free promotion of paid Android/Java apps

Hello guys!

If you are developers and have at least 3 or more Android or Java apps you can participate in Subscription Service, leading by Opera Mobile Store in cooperation with mobile carriers (Telkomsel and XL, MTS and TIM Brasil). Participation is free of charge and no money investments are needed from your side.
The only thing that is needed from you is full unlocked versions of cool mobile apps without ads inside.

With subscription service our customers can access to weekly updated catalogue of best apps, having no download limits and paying just $0.5 per week.
If your app is really good, it can participate in promotion of our store, being in TOP-20. This is also free of charge. One app in TOP-30 gets 200-500 downloads per day.

The sum that we will get from downloads will be divided between developers according downloading correlation. Money are sent at the end of each month to your bank account or PayPal.

For more questions you can contact me (Anna) via e-mail: [email protected]

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