[FREE] PixelForce - Retro Jump'n'Run Game

Hey guys today I want to show you our first game on the store: PixelForce!

Get ready for PixelForce, the most difficult action Jump’n’Run game available on the Play Store!

Grab your machinegun and blast through hordes of enemies! Go on a killing spree to earn money in order to upgrade your weapons and to buy more powerful items! Unlock Achievements by completing various tasks with increasing difficulty!
Complete tons of levels with new ones available every other week for unlimited gameplay!


  • 2 different world types
  • 40 different levels with increasing difficulty
  • 3 legendary levels (extremely difficult)
  • 6 different weapons to buy and upgrade (eg. machinegun, rocket launcher, flamethrower, …)
  • 2 different types of grenades
  • Many different types of enemies
  • Frequent updates with more levels and new worlds
  • Cool retro graphics!
  • Runs perfectly smooth on almost all devices

PixelForce Play Store Link!