[FREE] [NEW] Kamikaze Space

Hello, I want to show you my game Kamikaze Space. It’s totally free.

The Story:
Your are the pilot of a battle-space-station somewhere in the galaxy.
Aliens suddenly attack you from all sides by flying right into you.
Your weapon: Four lasers, each pointing at different directions.
Survive and protect the station at all costs!

How to play
Rotate the space station (by swiping around it in a dialing motion) to aim your lasers at the aliens.
Then just lift your finger off the screen to shoot all lasers at once.
But don’t waste your shots: Too much and your lasers will overheat (they will regenerate over time).

Oh, and try to collect additional lasercannons, so that you can shoot in more directions.
Be careful though: You will loose your upgraded laser if your cannon gets hit (and with only a few lasers left it gets really challenging).

There are more screenshots on the official website and some videos here on Youtube.

Please tell me what you think of the game. I would really love to hear your feedback.

Kamikaze Space on Google Play