[FREE][NEW] Galaxy War: Star Colony Wars

A cool new game Galaxy War: Star Colony Wars
Introducing Galaxy War: Star Colony Wars

Galaxy War is a galaxy empire building and space war strategy game.
Build the galactic empire and colony infrastructure needed to conquer your alien enemy and rule the galaxy. Harvest resources from seven different star classes and build spaceships to expand your galaxy empire. Research technology upgrades to maintain scientific superiority over your alien enemies throughout the galaxy. Construct and command fleets of spaceships across the galaxy map to conquer and overtake your enemies throughout space. Battle alien species to ensure the survival of the human civilization.
In Galaxy War you must conquer the star map by destroying all enemy alien species from the galaxy sector. Colonize new star systems to harvest resources and construct an empire, one star colony at a time. Build out the infrastructure needed to construct advanced spaceships. Explore the galaxy map to seek and conquer the enemy armada and overtake enemy star colonies.
In Galaxy War you build various types of space stations around stars. Star class and size impact the resources levels and max station build levels for each species and type of space station differently. Resource stations earn income needed to support advanced spaceship construction and extend your empire across the galaxy. Science research stations research technology advances needed to maintain technical superiority over the enemy. Defense stations can be effective for defense of your space colony from an invading alien civilization. With no ally at your side, enemies are everywhere. Starports are required to build spaceships. Each species can construct four different spaceship classes: frigate, cruiser, battleship, and capital ship. Each spaceship class is progressively more expensive and powerful, requiring substantial resources and colony infrastructure to build.
Galaxy Wars features three gameplay modes.
Campaign mode progresses through the most famous battles of the Third Galactic Civil War of 4716 as 4 separate alien species battle to establish and empire to control the Milky Way galaxy.
Custom game mode allows you play as and against any of four alien space races on a random galaxy map. Custom game mode also supports three separate difficulty levels.
PvP multiplayer mode allows you to battle against your friends and foes alike to attain superiority over the galaxy.
A complete in-game tutorial covers all aspects of gameplay.

Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kresoftware.galaxywars

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.