[FREE] [NEW] Dentist Office "Brush & Teeth"

Dentist Office “Brush & Teeth” app is a cutest game that certainly won’t let you get bored! Just imagine – due to this game you’ll have your own virtual dentist salon and a variety of patients, starting from Dracula and proceeding to cat and dog!
Yea, you didn’t mishear - here in this game you’re going to have the record quantity of patients, the whole classification of 30 heroes, and all of them have different dental problems! Isn’t it really interesting? Just imagine – you’ll be curing 30 different patients! Not every dentist game can afford you to have so many clients, so take advantage of the opportunity and download this marvelous app!
In order to play this game you should just download and install it on your phone. Then just press the “start” button on the screen of your smartphone and one of the most exciting adventures of your life will be started!
Like the real dentist, you will be able to provide all of your patients, including Dracula, Zombie, gorilla, monkey, cat, dog, little boy, girl and many others with different dental services. You can brush their teeth, cure their caries and halitosis, whiten and implant teeth, eliminate tartar and work as a professional dentist!
As you see with such a wide range of clients you won’t have enough time to get bored or depressed! So are you ready to accept the challenge and cure as many creatures as you can? Don’t be chickened out and prove your own worth!
Moreover there’s an additional function of the Dentist Office “Brush & Teeth” app that makes it even more interesting and exciting! Here in this game the quantity of your patients will depend on the quality of your services! So firstly you’ll be given only 2 patients, but then on conditions that you’ll cure these creatures very well, you’ll get bonuses, and on their part, they will allow you either to acquire new patients out of 30 or to buy new instruments for your dentist office! So play hard, earn bonuses and win this game! Everything is up to you! Hurry up and approach the time of your triumph!
In addition this game is free of charge and offline! So you won’t spend your money neither to download it, nor to pay for the internet! Don’t miss such brilliant opportunity to enjoy the wonderful game for free!


Lol, I think this app would help the kids to know the importance of brushing the teeth.