[FREE] List My Apps

Question: Hi, I’m new to Android. Which apps must I absolutely have?
Answer: Uhm, give me a minute to pen down the list (again)

Ever found yourself in this situation on a forum, on Reddit, Facebook, in a chat, or any other place? Wish you had an easy and painless way of quickly compiling a list of apps installed on your Droid? List My Apps does exactly that! It presents you with an inventory of your device, giving you the ability to select which apps to recommend to your friends on your favorite social network or directly phone2phone via QR codes.

Output of LMA is fully customizable through the build-in template editor, with the following standard formats already defined out of the box for your convenience:

  • Plain text
  • HTML list (useful for Drupal)
  • BBCode list (used by most forums)
  • Markdown list (use this on Reddit).
  • Market URL (use this for direct, phone to phone sharing via QR code; requires a suitable Barcode scanner app to be installed on both devices - “Barcode Scanner” by ZXing Team is recommended).

More formats (e.g. Excel CSV export) can be added anytime. All hypertext formats are able to conveniently link apps back to the market from which they were installed from (or to Google Search if no source can be determined).


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