[FREE] Kuhu's Planet

A cool new game Kuhu’s Planet
★★★ Introducing Kuhu’s Planet ★★★

A simple yet never before heard concept!
Kuhu’s Planet is an endless shooter adventure game.
Some tips

  1. Shoot only the Zompires, Don’t shoot the Kuhus.
  2. The bar at the bottom left of the screen will give you an extra life when full.
  3. The farther the target, the more points you get. So aim/shoot your target as far as possible.
  4. Make sure you get a high number of Perfect and Impressive Zings to gain a high
    performance rating.
  5. You will get 2 Shots for every Zompire. So make sure you aim perfectly and shoot.
    Welcome to Kuhu’s Planet. An enchanting world which is free of rules and dominance. A Planet full of charismatic and charming colours. A world which will captivate your mind with a euphonic experience. A land where you will only encounter cute and adorable little Kuhus.
    Unfortunately the planet has been invaded by the Zompires! These creatures have horrific shiny zombie eyes and spooky teeth like vampires. They appear in distinctive colours…mostly in pale.
    So Are they Zombies? or are they Vampires? We will find that out some other time.
    Till then, lets call them Zompires!
    Need not to state the obvious, before they come and get you… you need a gun! You need to aim, and you need to shoot and then boom! Kill? As simple as it seems…
    But with a common thread through most of the games, i am sure you have seen enough blood and violence,
    And killed enough Zombies before.
    But Kuhu is not fond of Killing.
    So definitely we won’t kill them, or hurt them, we’ll simply Shoot and Zing them! and turn them into Adorable little Kuhus!
    So get ready to step into an epic and enthralling trip to Kuhu’s Planet!
    A highly addictive Gaming experience!
    One of the best games you will find in Adventure Category!
    A concept never heard before!
    So how many Zings can you make?
    What can be your Best score?
    Download the game and lets find out.
    Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akshay.kuhu

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.