Free installs, comments, ratings and testing for your Android App :)

Hey guys, wanted to share an awesome new way to get free installs, reviews and testing for your Android, iOS and Windows phone phone Apps. offers free legitimate quality installs, ratings, reviews and testing for your App.

Join hundreds of other developers who are getting lots of installs and reviews for their Apps and also free suggestions/improvement reports for their Apps.

Here are some testimonials from other developers:

I was looking for tools that could help us in instant installs for our app. I found this via google. I used it for 20 mins and it showed instant results. thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a great way to obtain unique and honest reviews. Great for new indie applications without advertising budget

I used the services of and i got 3 install with review in the first day without paying anything. They are providing the best marketing services and it will definitely help boost your app

Great service to get real and genuine comments,installs with easy to use system, i give 10 out of 10 for their prompt and fast service that they are providing to their clients

Is great. My app got around 20 installs in a day

In a saturated, competitive marketplace such as the iTunes App Store, it is easy for quality apps to get overlooked. With Install4Install, you can give your app(s) the boost it needs to be recognized for it’s true potential. I’m looking forward to seeing a case study about the impact i4i has had on smaller scale development studios

i liked the idea and this is a good website to develop my community.Thank you for this!

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What’s the catch?

Crowdsourcing it is. :slight_smile: Quoting what they have on their website: “Install4Install works on a simple principle: Install, comment and rate their App and they will install, comment and rate yours.”.

Sounds similar to smooth reviews. What I didn’t like about it is that you need to upload a screenshot of your review which was really a PITA.

Yes, in case of, you don’t have to upload a screenshot. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, got some news here. Get extra 30 points when you register at
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Take your App to the next level today :slight_smile:

This is cool. I will try it. :slight_smile:

Gave it a try. Got around 20 installs and reviews on my Android App in 3 days and still counting (see screenshot below). And its free :smiley:


Anyone else want to share his thoughts? :rolleyes:

Registered! Lets see how it goes.

Ok so got around 26 new installs and reviews from this website till now - all free and some really good feedback from other developers. I would surely recommend this service to others. :slight_smile:

Good services! I tried it and rather like it!
But I want a “keyword” function for users to suggest installers comment base on these keywords. For example, I want promote my app with keyword “bubble shooter”, it’s better if there is a form to suggest my desire keyword, and it also display to installers :). The installers on your services should comment with these keywords.

I think so. I need to use keywords.

@daohn: Do you mean like along with the name of your App, your keyword of choice is displayed so that users who like it should install it? :slight_smile:

I mean it’s better if there is keyword suggestion in my app setting to orient installer comment base on these keywords. Because in App Store Optimization, keywords in installers’s comments are very important.
For example, I want to SEO my app base on keywords “bubble shooter” or “candy” or “Ninja”…, I write desire keyword in my app setting, and it’s also displayed for installer. So I can suggest for the installers on your services should comment with these keyword :).

Thank you @daohn for this suggestion. Since reviews are genuine and completely at the free will of the user, we may not explicitly have them include something of our own in their reviews. But I will consider your suggestion and how else it can be incorporated. :slight_smile:

Really good post and also effective.

Yes, i have been using this service for a while and I really love it for an indie developer like me with almost no advertising budget. Also, the occasional suggestions from other developers are really helpful.

I liked this service but after a while i don’t get install even my app is featured. I still have point but can not get new downloads

Just wanted to give an update. My Apps have significantly gone up in ranking in Playstore since i started using this service. I have got some awesome reviews and feedback that i have used to remove a bug and post an update. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:

Cool stuff. I really like it !