[Free] Idea Growr - app for tracking your ideas, now includes expert question sets

Quickly write down your ideas and add notes later. Question sets stimulate you to take different perspectives and help you grow your ideas to their full potential.

In the latest release (v1.29) we’ve included question packs by our expert partners.
We’re starting with questions that help you grow your ideas on apps, movies and startups.


That’s a great idea - I love that you have been able to partner with people already in the industry to provide extra value beyond just tracking an idea.

I have a website similar to applits (check my profile for the url) that’s not quite as fully developed yet but at the moment is geared towards simply allowing people to post ideas publicly to receive feedback or privately that will allow people to put the idea in front participating developers to see if any of them are interested in working with the person to have the idea made.

Your site looks nice. First some quick feedback on your site. I like the delicious.com meets pinterest style. You really need to add an ‘write your idea’ button on the top right of your menu bar. If you click it it will show you a page that explains that you need to sign up first (if that’s the case) and you can write about other benefits of signing up (if there are any). Now as a user I’m sort of lost on what my first step would be to do something.

It would be great to partner with DreamItApp too. I have a collaboration with Applits, so you/we’d have to come up with a way to not go against their interests. Perhaps you collaborate with Applits directly in some way. Also I’m open to your thoughts about a possible collaboration.

Beside question packs, I also would like to include inspiration-packs in the future. The feature is not fully formed yet, but you can imagine it has to do with inspiring content. Perhaps you can partner in that area?

Also for other people reading; we now have question packs for apps, startups and movies. If you want to partner and can provide a nice set of questions in your expertise area, I’ll also set up a promotional page within the app next to the questions.

I’m currently in the process of making some minor changes to the site - and yes, adding a ‘I have an idea’ button is one of those changes. I’m really interested in partnering somehow, so would love it if you could send me an email (info at dreamitapp dot com) so we can talk further. I’d especially love to be involved with the inspiration question sets, and possibly including dreamitapp as a place that gets mentioned for people looking for ideas/wanting to share them/make them a reality.

I look forward to hearing from you.