[FREE] Hit the Clouds - fast, faster

Hit the clouds is a game where you control a rocket by tilting your phone. The goal is to hit EVERY cloud, the game is over, when you miss a cloud

The rocket is accelerating steadily and therefore the game will become harder very fast.


btw.: I would love any feedback on how good “motion sensitive” steering actual work. I have tried the game even on a very old phone and it still works pretty good (as long as there is nothing stealing CPU in the background).

I am not so sure If I should do more motion sensitive games because I am currently not so sure if people actually found that good or bad. What do you think?

Nice game. I found the motion controls worked pretty good on my galaxy s5. But I’m not very good with it. I usually prefer a different type of control for most games, but for this game I think it works pretty well. I absolutely hate the touch screen joysticks controls most platformers have. Since your just moving left or right you might want to try a touch and drag control, where they could just swipe left or right anywhere on the screen.

I thought about the dragging type for devices without accelerometer … if they exists (dont’ think so). In the end I wanted that everyone is playing the game the same way.

Currently the game seems to be liked by the players, I have some more ideas for upcoming games where I am not sure how the control mechanism will work.

There are some drawbacks of the motion sensitive control.

  1. If there is ANY activity in the background, it will jitter.

  2. Some devices react a bit strange when held in different positions. Especially older devices seem to need a distinct pitch in order to get smooth values. (I still have an old Samsung I5300 for that purpose with a small low density screen) - but it still works

  3. You may not be able play the game in different situations, for example lying on the side or something like that.

So, while it is an interesting approach of controling a game, it has some limitations and players may get saturated about that feature sooner than with regular touch controls.

Funny - Hit the Clouds is hitting the Top 100 New Free Games in India - who had thought about that?!

Also the game got live today on amazon but there is no download there yet :frowning:

I think on this board some of you may be interested in some more dev-related stuff about this game, so you have some interesting read.

At the start of the game I really wondered about a high CTR - I have not understood why this was because the game actually doesn’t need to touch the screen except starting the game - I have no answer for the high CTR at the beginning, but it normalized now (it was over 4% the first days - pretty strange…)

Beside that the first climbed pretty fast the rankings (for my terms of if ^^) and it is now ranked:

Germany: nearly top 100
India: nearly top 50
UK is loosing grip again, was touching the top 200 yesterday but is going down again
US is still going up, top 200 nearly

Game is monetized with admob (where click price is currently pretty low, I have to say) but still it was going pretty good and runs in one line with my much older game “Worm Puncher”. For the sake of uninterrupted gameplay I have fully manually ad refreshing, because a refresh during the game produces jitter, which can make you loose and will get you bad reviews … so hopefully this is working pretty good.

Another point with those accelrator controls is the simple fact, that it will jitter as soon as ANYTHING is working in the background (i.e. update checks, etc). People will have no knowledge about that so I expect some bad reviews you cannot prevent :slight_smile: