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Symptoms Checker is one of the best health applications for android available on the internet. You just need to answer a few questions in yes or no and that’s it, your virtual doctor is always with you…!!


Cool Features:

  • Very Dynamic and Interactive application
  • Covers almost all the common diseases
  • The application is reviewed by the doctors
  • Very attractive user interface which makes it easy to understand all in one go

Every time going to a doctor could be more time consuming and costly, so here we bring Symptoms Checker application for android. You will now have your virtual doctor always with you and can get everything diagnosed in a minute.

The application covers almost all the common diseases and pains and thus using this application you can save your time and money that you need to spend, going to a doctor. When you open the application, you will get through the index of all the common diseases and pains.

Select the one, with which you are suffering and then there comes your virtual doctor to ask you a few questions. You need to answer them with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The application is very dynamic and interactive, so the further questions will change according to your answers.

Once you complete all the questions related to your symptoms, your doctor will give you suggestion on what disease are you suffering. The best part of this application is that whenever any jargon is used, you will get a link with that jargon that will take you to the definition of that word.

Once you read the suggestions given by your doctor, click on the suggestions button to get further suggestions on what should be your next step to cure the disease you are suffering from.

So this way, your virtual doctor will assist you to diagnose the disease you are suffering from and will also give you suggestions about the same. This symptom checker tool is for adult and children.

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