Hello everyone,

We just created a game called “My Psychic Friend”.

Tired of not knowing about the future? No need to worry… Zanzibar the Mystic can answer your questions with this app. Why call a psychic hotline, when you can download one right into your phone?


You can download it here:

Just let me know what your quote was as the review, give it a 5 and a G+ (if you have it) and I’ll do the same for your game.

Done rate it 5* and g+ed with name “Wael Hesham” and my comment “Its funny, make me relax after the work”

Please help my app, thank!

Did a review, 5 stars, and a G+. Quote “Excellent. Just what I was looking for”. Cool wallpaper!

Done (Dang Khoa Ho review)!!! Here’s my app

Done yours G+ and comments “Amazingly fun. Great stuff”. Pls do mine :

I g+ and 5* your app. My review was:I love the aspect of knowing the future! Great fun!

Mine is:


Done! Rated 5 stars, g+1 and reviewed as follows:
“Love this app Fun psychic!”
(by Shawman King)

Please recip to my app Word Search Connect:


5* g+ and commented Funny some answers are quite good - mirostraka
heres mine

Thank you,

I done rate it 5* and g+ed with name “khang nguyen” and my comment “Its mystery, good app”

Please help my app, thank!

Thanks! I did the same… 5, review and G+. Quote said “You can’t get this on Netflix…”

Thanks Shawman!

I did the same for you. The comment was “Fun puzzle: It’s pretty challenging…”

It’s a good game! Keep it rockin’

Thanks! I gave you a 5, reviewed saying " Well done. I’m a little thirsty now. The graphics a really well done" and did a G+.

Thanks, I did the same for you. 5, G+ and a review.

Said “Interesting Concept” as a review.

Hello, I’ve posted a review and G+, with the text ‘Zanzibar answer all, this app is great!’

Please look at my app: :slight_smile:

Rated 5 starts with comment.
Please do the same with me:


Hey there,

I g+ and 5* your app yesterday, my review was:I love the aspect of knowing the future! Great fun!

Did you get around to doing mine at all?

Mine is:


Thanks. I’ve done the same for you. Comment was “all in one app”

I gave your app the same. Comment was "fun way to pick a name.

Will definitely use this in the coming months

Thank you. I did the same for your app. Review was “fun for the kids”

Hi, I gave you 5 stars and a review “Always enjoyed this kind of games and this latest one is loads better in every way, well done and keep it coming!”

This is my game, please drop a review. Thanks.