[FREE] Glimpix Group Photo Sharing

We have introduced a new social app Glimpix Group Photo Sharing

Glimpix is a mobile-to-any-browser Live photo sharing app with chat and voting (thumbs up/down). Your photo stream can be viewed on any modern browser, desktop or mobile device browser, by providing your viewer the album page URL. There is no app dependency and no need to register any service. This allows you to reach a large audience because everyone has a browser.
Images are volatile and will not persist in the browser after the user refreshes the page. Use Glimpix to easily share spontaneous moments with a large group of people or individuals, at times that you don’t want or care for the images to be saved online. You first create a photo album, share a link with those whom you want to view your photos, and then you can start taking photos consecutively. The photo stream can be viewed on a mobile device or desktop browser.

Those photos will be seen live by the person who view the photo album page, comment and vote thumbs up and down for individual photos. The great thing about Glimpix is that the people who view the photo album page don’t need to have any pre-installed app or register for any service to view your photo stream. All they need to do is to click the link your provide them (e.g. via SMS, email or Facebook), and they will see your photos a short moment after on their mobile device or home computer browser…

The lack of viewer app dependency makes Glimpix the perfect choice for sharing photos with anyone, even those without any special app. It’s also a great choice for those who want to share live photos with a large group of people, as you don’t need to verify that they have a specific app installed on order to view your photos.

Glimpix is not a photo hosting service. Once the user refreshes the page, it will be presented with a new blank canvas, waiting for new photos to stream in. Furthermore, the photos that you share will automatically be removed from the server 24 hours after they have been shared.
Even without registration, Glimpix offers a secure way to share photos online. Although anyone with access to the URL can see your images, only you will know the album specific URL. A short URL option is available, but it’s not secure and is recommended for public sharing only.

This also makes Glimpix the preferred choice for fast and direct image sharing solution, whether you are sharing photos with a large group of people or individuals. You can share the photo album link on your Facebook wall for anyone to see – allowing you to reach a broader audience instantly. For more information, visit our privacy page (link provided in app in the information tab).


Link to google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilefully.glimpix

Requirements: Android 2.3 and Up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome app.