[FREE GAME] YaMeMo (memory game)

Hello there !

You can check my first Android game on Google play : YaMeMo

It’s a remake of the classic memory game (match the pairs). So what’s new in this one ? It features two unique game modes in addition to the standard match 2 (called DUO):

  • in TRIO mode you have to find three matching cards instead of two (which is much more challenging than it seems)
  • in VERSUS mode you play a turn based match against an artificial player. Several opponents with different styles and difficulty levels are proposed
    Other game modes will be added in future versions.

There are 5 themes in the current version (more are coming), and for each game mode you can choose the number of cards between 4x4 and 6x6.

In addition to this new game modes, the game uses a combo system to make higher scores. So it’s better to learn the whole board and then make all the pairs, which means that you can always try to beat your highscore. Highscores are memorized for each theme/game mode/board size. I plan to make a global leaderboard in the future.

I’d really like to get some feedback about the game, and what should be improved or added in next releases.

Edit : Here’s a QR code for direct access to the game on Google Play !

An update has been published with minor graphical fixes. It now supports install to SD.

A new update has been published with the new CHRONO game mode. It’s really different from the time based modes of other memory games, you should try the challenge !

This new mode might need a little balancing. Feedback will be most welcome !

Halloween update has been released : it contains a new theme, and a marquee that display game stats on the start page.

As always, feedback will be most welcome !

Christmas update has been released : it contains a new christmas theme, and a whole new stats display page. There are also several improvements regarding performance, text layout for HD phones and gameplay speed.
Some of these changes were requested/suggested by users on other forums, so don’t hesitate to give me feedback !

For the occasion, I’m offering free images from my Christmas theme. Check my blog