[FREE GAME] Underworld - the First Smuggling MMO

Hey everyone,

We’re A-Steroids, a small Europe-based mobile games studio. We’re soon releasing a unique real life smuggling game for mobile phones and tablets, Underworld: Drug Lords. The game puts you into the shoes of a small-time drug dealer with the goal of building a global criminal empire from the ground up.

The twist? The game’s online and location based, so the action unfolds in parallel to your real life and you get to interact with real people around you! Sounds crazy? Yes it does. The drill is simple: get cheap merch from drug labs, move around and sell for profit. Acquire better equipment as you grow your operation and widen your crew to gain more power. Rise to the top of your hood, become the most prominent dealer in your city, then take over the country and the whole world!

The game is coming out on Android very soon. Subscribe to be the first one to know about the game’s release and stay posted on the availability for iOS and other platforms.

We are one of those teams who are crazy about listening to our players and fans, so no matter what you have to say, just do it! :wink: And if you love the game, don’t forget to spread the word and share with friends.

Learn more & subscribe: http://underworld.zone
Even more info about the game, its history and us, the developers:
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