[Free game] Typing Defender

I recently released my first real game.
It’s called Typing Defender and is a new twist on the ‘castle defender’ games.
Any feedback is welcome.


Enemies are attacking!
You work as a wizard and it is your job to defend the castle.
Use different spells and attacks to keep the enemies away.
If you enjoy typing games and castle defense games then this game is for you! Defend your castle by typing the enemy-specific spells or by using powerful attacks.
Upgrade your spells to become even stronger. As the game progresses the enemies will become stronger and stronger and more difficult to defeat. Upgrade your castle, skills and spells to be able to beat them.


[li]Play for FREE![/li][li]Defend your castle[/li][li]Upgrade your spells[/li][li]Become faster at typing[/li][li]Use your hardware keyboard[/li][li]Amazing music[/li][/ul]

Type your way to victory in this amazing typing game!




I like the idea - a fresh take on the defender genre. It’s still a bit laggy on my Galaxy S3 (quad core, so not lacking in CPU power!). When there’s more than one enemy on the screen, there’s a noticeable delay when typing letters. With 8 or more on screen, it becomes so laggy I have to just hit the letters and hope that I pressed them right - because it’ll take a few seconds before I see the result.

Also when I first started up the game, it took me a while to figure out that I needed to press “Next Wave” to start playing. Perhaps you could make this starting screen a little more obvious for beginners - at least on first launch? I kinda felt lost when I first arrived there.

But I do I like the way it works in general, and you’ve integrated Tapjoy / Google Play IAP very well. Please take all of the above as “constructive criticism” - pointing out the flaws for the sake of improvement. :slight_smile: It’s a good first implementation. Now that the game’s out the door, there’s room to polish the details and it looks like it could be a great game.