[FREE][GAME] The Last Archer: Castle Siege 3D

Embrace your bow, shoot your arrows and stop the invading force from conquering your reign in this action packed 3D game.
Improve your archery, learn new skills and upgrade them: flame arrow, explosive arrow, arrow volley and many other powerful skills are at your disposal.
Fight against three different enemy races - the evil plants, the undeads and the dragons - each with its own arsenal of deadly soldiers.
Choose your hero: will you be a nimble elf archer or an armoured human knight? Each hero provide a different gameplay experience.
Use the enviroment at your advantage: explosive barrels and flame walls have been placed to help you stop the enemy.

  • full 3D enviroment
  • realistic archery physics
  • 3 different hero to choose from for a different gameplay
  • 3 enemy races to fight, each with its own fighting style
  • learn new skills and upgrade them
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • complete the 15 rounds of the campaign to unlock the random match mode for infinite replayability
  • beautiful graphics
  • 5 different lands to fight in
  • a completely FREE game experience


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