[Free Game][Review Exchange] Viking Monster Hunter

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Zack Nofil: 5 stars +1 and a good review
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Done :slight_smile: J Neto “This app is amazing!!! Perfect record video!” 5 stars and +1g

Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
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Done J Neto: “Amazing Graphics! Very Addicting game!!” 5 starts, +1g

done name: christian velasquez please do the same for me .


Done review, G+ and 5 stars with name Ghazi.
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Game : Super ZumBlast

Done, G+ and 5* review "name : “Shehroz Khan”
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Done: J Neto “Love the graphics!!! Very addicting game! My favourite game now!” 5 starts!

Done: J Neto “Bubbles and Zuma… together!! Amazing!!!” 5 starts +1g

Done: J Neto: “My pocket Tv!!! Very low bandwidth!!! Nice!” 5 stars, +1g

Done: J Neto “Super Fun Game! Adorable Graphics :)” 5 star, +1g

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cool game btw. question for you, what program did you use to create this?
also, just a suggestion but you should try and add a separate button for moving and shooting. think that would work out a lil better

Done: J Neto “Great game idea!!! Very challenge!!” 5 star, 1g+

Thank sfor the reply, I use gamemaker, best engine, believe me. Thanks for the advice too.

hi! just rated your game, name Gabriel Reis, please do the same for me:



Done: J Neto “Amazing challenge, love the gameplay” 5 stars +1g

Hi, Just reviewed it & rated 5* “Tommy Guitar”. Please review and rate my app:

Done: J Neto Great Tuner Guitar!!! Very easy to use! :), 5 stars, +1g


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Done with name Firas Sahawneh

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