Hi everybody!

We would like to present our just released third android game: RoboKlinik.

It’s a free puzzle game (freemium) in which you have to repare the robots that come to your Robot Clinic by restoring its internal laser connection, and removing both radiactive wastes and glitches. You have to rotate the mirrors to aim the beam and reach your objetive.

RoboKlinik is our little tribute to Costa Panayi’s classic Deflektor, but with new game elements, a big lot of new levels, and adapted to current gamers.

We really hope you like it, and we will be glad to listen your thoughts and suggestions for future updates.

It also will be available for iOS devices in a few days (you know about Apple review times :wink: )

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Done! (as Luis Garcia Ventura) Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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