[Free][Game][Review Exchange] Cube Conquest 3D


Hi everyone, I just released my first Android app and I’m trying to get some exposure and opinions about it.
I realize there are plenty of 2048/1024 clones out there already and they all look and behave pretty much the same as the original. With Cube Conquest 3D I really tried to bring something new to the table with beautiful 3D graphics, new game modes, and many little features that I feel make it one of the best “numbers puzzle” (I think that’s the name of the niche, not sure though) experiences out there.
Whether or not you’ve already played this style of game I would very much appreciate you giving my game a try.

Exchange stuff
Install, rate it, G+ and all that good stuff, then post here and I’ll do the same for your app.


I rated 5 stars, +1’d it, and called it “One of the best 2048-style games I’ve tried”. Please do the same: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Eddie.pong

Done and done. Review is under the name Gabriel Murphy.

Bumping it up. Someone replied to a ton of threads in a row and knocked this back to like the third page even though a just made it several hours ago.

Just installed, g+'d, and rated your game under the name Gabriel Murphy. Really liked the app by the way, clever idea.

great game ~ i like it
i gave 5 stars ~


Thanks man.

Love me some platformers, installed, shared, and rated.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve posted 5 stars, nice review and g+1 for your game :slight_smile:
(under “megagamer”)

If you can, please do the same for my new game (somehow corelated with geometry too :wink: ) :

Thanks a lot :smiley:

Hey there,
I rated 5* g+ andd commented as miro straka
heres mine
thanks and good luck:)

Done. Couldn’t think off hand of a good way to incorporate geometry into the review, but I wrote: “Stylish and addictive Love this game. It’s challenging and a whole lot of fun–plus it looks great (especially in motion). The levels seem to be procedural so it’s a new experience each time. Nice!”

Done, I wrote: “Great idea So far it’s just been fun to mess with the tons of different styles and create interesting art, but I can also see how this app would be useful if you need some nice looking artwork on the go. Awesome app for artists and non-artists alike!”


I just sent my review & g+ for your game (Oskar Karaś), feel free to review and g+ mine:


thanks in advance

Love the game, g+d and reviewed. I wrote: “Crazy zombie fun! There are plenty of racing games out there…there are plenty of zombie games out there… However, this is the first ZOMBIE RACER I’ve found and it’s freaking awesome! Great controls and graphics remind me of Borderlands.”

Hi, i’ve review with name “Tran Chien”

please review my app, 5*, g+, and just play for a bit:



I just rated and G+ for your app under “Lee Kai”, please do same for my app, thank you 


Hi, reviewed and G+ as Augustas Urbonas.

Could you do it for me the same: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TechnePlay.dogeminer

Done by name "Varinder Dua " and reviewed as "Nice " …
Please do the same for my app

-Team gamesnapps4u(@gamesnapps4u)

Done, I wrote: “Very solid solitaire app I really like the look and feel of this game: it brings back nostalgic memories of dodging work using the computer version of solitaire. However, this app is so much more than the computer version. Best of all being that you can take it mobile-- so you can dodge work where ever you are! Love it!”

kid23_me, I wrote: “Very relaxing Sounds and music are amazing. As someone who has never been the best sleeper, this app has been very helpful in letting me fall and stay asleep. Very soothing and relaxing.”

augasur, I wrote: “Really fun I’ve had a lot of fun with this game so far, it’s a great combo of different games/styles and it all works together nicely. It’s like an arcade minecraft you can pick up anytime. Love it”

gamesnapps4u, I wrote: “Doesn’t pull any punches A problem with a lot of trivia apps you find is that they are so easy–even if you aren’t good with trivia. GK doesn’t have that problem, it’s very challenging but very fun. Highly recommend.”

I gave 5 stars , G+ and reviewed by “Bae Paul”.
My App’s link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.udream.customer

Done, I wrote : “Knocks stock phone apps out of the water! As a long-time user of the regular phone app that came with my samsung, I was blown away with the number of new useful features this app adds. Why have a smartphone if the “phone” part of it is still as dumb as an old flip phone? This app makes using the “phone” in your smartphone as convenient and useful as the rest of it.”