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“… I like the concept and think this is very good.”
Tom Cutrofello - gottasolveit.blogspot.com.es

Get the numbers and colours in the correct order with a limited number of moves.
‘Tup’ on a number and then ‘Tap’ on another, when they are in the same row or column, the first number will move towards the second, forcing this one and all the others in between to shift towards the position of the first one.

Win the gold medal for solving a puzzle with the minimum moves … play to be the quickest solver … or try the ‘blindfolded’ game mode for a bigger challenge.

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Hey, had a quick go at your game and I enjoyed it, I’ve got these comments:

-Love the audio; the slightly watery noise is very pleasent

-The game needs to explain (in game) the objective (is ‘right to left’ and ‘left to right’ order acceptable?)
-The “No moves left - slide to undo” often flashes up for an instant then disappears (because I try to make the second half of the move)
-Easy levels get slightly repetative, hard is where it gets interesting. I’d suggest less easy levels
-Game should really take no for an answer on connecting to google play services rather than asking every time the game is opened

If you had any comments on my game inner circle I’d love to hear them (but I’m not looking for any review exchanges, the install, rate, uninstall kills your retention figures which I think google take a lot more seriously than ratings)

I think you’re right with the install, rate, uninstall thing. I try to follow that philosophy too.

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I’ve downloaded your game and it’s really good. BUT I think the controlls ruin it because the way it’s conceived right now, the hand hide the screen and I cannot see what’s going on with the game.

If you want to keep this control I would suggest to add two more and let the player choose between one of them. The two I propose are a vertical or a horizontal virtual bar as it’s explained in the image.


This way you can control the spin while having full visibility.

Keep the good work!

Thanks for having a look! I agree the screen hiding can be a problem. The problem is that you may need to make several clockwise or anticlockwise rotations in a row which a linear control is never going to allow.

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