[FREE][GAME][Multiplateform] Magic Breaker : brick breaker

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]Apple link :[/COLOR] https://appsto.re/fr/wjsP6.i
[COLOR="#0000CD"]Google link :[/COLOR] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hmprod.magicbreaker

First app, drawn by Bulkypix created by me, Melki david, 26, live in France.
I have 2 dogs, one sister, 2 brothers and I wanted to realize my own video game, to add it my personal touch.
I hope you will like Magic Breaker, in development since 2 years …
For mobile, ipod and tablets :slight_smile:

On Magic Breaker, shoot all the bricks with the right color of the ball, before the wall touch Arold the magician, an unique brick breaker !
Improve your score and check the leaderboard Game center with all the players around the world !


Game facts:

  • Unlock up to 40 levels on 4 differents universes.
  • Join the global ranking and beat other players.
  • English and French langages, soon russian, spanish, chinese, japan, swedesh, italian, German
  • All the time, the wall comes down !
  • No pay, to win
  • No shop in-app
  • No ads
  • Free on Android forever
  • For all gamers will love it!

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Any questions or suggestions, send me a mail : [email protected]
Facebook official :Redirecting...
Facebook personnal : Melki david

Please rate this game, and send him stars ! :slight_smile:
I hope you will enjoy it!