[FREE][GAME]Logic Dots.#1 board game on the App Store in several countries

Hi, my name is Matias Ini.
I have worked in the video game industry for over 14 years, starting with games for the internet and now developing mobile games.
I have had the lucky to lead projects like Boombang.tv and Tiny Thief, created by 5ants and published by Rovio Stars.
Now I created my own studio ingames.tv and we are launching the game Logic Dots for FREE on iOS/android, published by Ayopa Games.
‎Logic Dots on the App Store

Logic Dots was the #1 puzzle-board game on the App Store in several countries and have reached over 500 thousand players in less than 7 days!
It is a fun and challenging logic puzzle game with a nice and minimalist interface and easy controls.
if you like to use your cognitive skills to solve puzzles of logic then this game is for you. Many people has compared Logic Dots with Sudoku, so if you like playing games like sudoku, try Logic Dots.
Each puzzle consist of a blank grid surrounded by numbers where you have to find the dot shapes required by filling the grids. Each number represents the number of dots you should find in a row or column. You can lock a grid with a square when you know there is no dot in it.
You can see the game trailer below:

Game Features:
-Over 250 puzzles
-Support for Tablet
-Puzzles from 4x4 to 12x12
-Easy controls
-Minimalist interface
-Hints to use when you get stuck
-Hours of intellectual challenge and fun.
-Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills
-Unlimited Undo
-Save and Restore


Your feedback is always much appreciated.
Matias Ini
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