[Free][Game]Jungle Run

Jungle Run - Amazon Jungle :Free Action Fantasy Running Game
The new thrilling fantasy jungle run game is here ! Enjoy the adventurous run through the mysterious jungle.

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You are Eric,the guy who got left alone in the mysterious forest.The only way to survive in this jungle is to run,and run really fast.You must escape the jungle before its too late.

Attack - Swipe down
Left - Swipe left
Right - Swipe right
Jump - Swipe upwards

Get past all the hurdles,giant spiders,wolfs,lions,gorillas and other monsters on your path and find a way out of the jungle…The path is full of suspense and unlimited action…

-This game will be installed on the SD Card, hence uses only small amount of internal storage…
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PS: All images and animations used in Jungle Run are either purchased or created by our team