[Free Game] Hit Hit: Finger Fun

Hi guys,

I’m a game design student from Ireland and this is my 1st android game. I managed to get it up on the Google Play Store a few days ago and eventually figured out the leaderboards for the 15 levels and the achievements of which there are 13 to unlock. I’ve had very positve feedback online and in the real world testing. So I wanted to post it on a few forums for people to try. Thanks very much if you do

“Hit Hit: Finger Fun is a ast paced, time attack game that tests the player’s dexterity and visual acuity. Players must Hit all of the Hits and then to stop the timer hit the “Done” in the center all while avoiding a few surprises hidden in plain sight. There are three difficulty levels with 5 stages within each and players can log their best times and challenge others to beat them also. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone after all. Can you be the fastest as you Hit Hit?”

Thx again and see you on the leaderboards.

Thanks for your time and giving it a go if you do.