[FREE] [GAME] Gravo


Manipulate the force of gravity to navigate your way through the obstacle course.

[li] Simple, addictive, casual gaming.
[/li][li] Randomly generated levels for a new experience every time.
[/li][li] Master gravity reversal switches to bend jumps around impossible barriers.
[/li][li] Perform risky or impressive aerial manoeuvres to gain bonus points.
[/li][li] Compete with your friends using the online leaderboard.
[/li][li] Playable offline (leaderboard/achievements require internet connection)

No review exchanges please. If you would like an honest opinion of your game do mention it and I’ll try and have a look when I get time. If you do like my game a good review would be appreciated, but I’m not after artificial ratings. If you feel it could be improved, I’d prefer recommendations to be posted here rather than in reviews so I have a chance to update it.