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[FREE] [GAME] Conquer - Epic of Dice Wars

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Conquer – Epic of Dice Wars is the best world domination strategy game inspired by the classic online Dice Wars game.You can play against up to 5 relentlessly smart AI robots or real gamers to overtake their territories and dominate the world.

• Easy to learn and easy to play
• Single player mode to battle against up to 5 AI robots
• Pass & Play mode for up to 6 real players or a combination of real players and robots
• Over 15 beautifully crafted maps
• An in-app purchase system to hire mercenaries to assist in the battle against the robots
• Well-designed UI with vivid characters, animations, and sound effects
• Fast forward modes to complete the game more quickly
• Support Google Game Play services for leaderboards

Guide on How to Play:
• 6 players (real players or a combination of real players and robots) to play the games. Players and robots identify by their unique colors.
• Select a map to start with each territory assigned a random number of soldiers
• During each turn, the player may only attack neighboring territories
• Each solider throws one dice. If the sum of the attacker’s dice is greater than the sum of the defender’s dice, the attacker takes over the defender’s territory and neutralizes its soldiers. All soldiers except one will move to the captured territory.
• The attacker can press “End Turn” to claim rewards of new soldiers based on the number of connected territories. The attacker then becomes the defender.
• The game is over when all territories are taken by one player or robot
• At any time when you play against robots, you can use mercenaries to improve the chance of victory