[FREE][GAME] Clicker Mina Mania

Greetings to all! I am glad to present the first major project of our small indie team Toolbex.
We look forward to your feedback.

A large number of HD blocks.
Farm animals and monsters.
Enchanting tools.
Large selection of picks and drills of different materials.

How to play:
Click on the block to break it.
Click many times using a pickaxe or dig in one click at high speed in using a drill.
For each type of blocks you get different amounts of resources and expertise.
Buy new pickaxes and drills for the mining of more valuable blocks.
Use the farm for permanent replenishment of resources and expertise.
Emeralds mined starting with diamond pickaxe with very little chance.
Enchants tools for the experience, it allows to improve their performance.
Variations enchantments:
Luck: Increases the chance multiplier blocks.
Multiplication factor: Responsible for the multiplier factor, ie when “x2” factor for the block at 2 resources you will get 4 resources.
Luck and a Multiplication factor should be enchanted at least once because they depend on each other.
Efficiency: Allows you to quickly break blocks.
Durability: Reduces wear of the picks / drill (longer use).
Cost depends on level of enchantment, it is calculated 1 to 1.
In the first level of enchantment you have to pay 1 level of experience, for the second level of enchantment - 2 level of experience, etc.
Please note that starting level is not considered, and for enchanting the first level you need a minimum 2 level of experience.

More game options will be added in the following additions!


The game is translated into 4 languages (English, Russian, Korean, German)
If you find a bug or want to improve the translation, please contact us.
The game is in beta testing, about all bugs, please report to our
E-mail: [email protected].

Thank you for your attention!

Appreciate it for one’s fantastic publish. I’ll check it out and congrats for one’s success.