[Free Game] Chirpy Cricket

Hi everyone, This is my first post here on the forum.

Chirpy Cricket is my first game in the Android competitive world. Here is the description:

A simple but addictive game play.

You tap on your screen and make the cricket collect the tree leaves, each leaf has a distinct color and a distinct chirpy note.

As you collect the leaves, a musical piece is composed, you have to collect all the leaves for the piece to be played correctly, other wise you lose.

Musical pieces get longer as you progress, and the leaves become more spread apart.

It uses the same game mechanic as Flappy Bird, but with a twist!

Put your tapping skills to test with this simple game!!
and also, Can you guess each piece played in each level?

Play Store link

Also for my edification, all comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks guys!