[FREE][GAME] Candy Chocolate Blast

Sweet Blast Chocolate is an addictive match puzzle game! and is the most fantastic and lovely candy smash game.
Candy boy living in beautiful paradise world cool, there are very many beautiful candy chocolate, should help the boy in the his adventure, by collect all the candies and manly gifts.
Slide your finger on 2 or more candies to make them burst, try to score as many coins as you can! Also you must smashed the largest number of candy before the end of time so that we can pass to a new stage.
Features Sweet Crush Game:
• Easy to start but hard to masters.
• You have many challenging levels of saga puzzles.
• Nice graphics.
• You can share game in all social networks for challenging your friends.

DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameal.candy.chocolate

Yum, the chocolate seems to be too yummy. Thanks, I would like to play it.